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Configure file for symfony/mailer package [duplicate]

I need a bit help with configurations symfony/mailer in config/*.yaml. For TLS connection I want inject StreamOptions that he don’t checked certificatE and don’t have SSL Error: “routines:tls_process_server_certificate:certificate verify failed” For SwiftMailer this strings deciding problem: $transport->setStreamOptions( [ ‘ssl’ =>…

Warning: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL context creation failure [Mailjet][Symfony5]

This is bothering me for hours now. I’m trying to send mails with Symfony 5 and SwiftMailerBundle 3.4 using Mailjet. So I have the following value in my .env file: MAILER_URL=smtp://{USERNAME}&password={PASSWORD} In production I used my username and password ofcourse….

How to sign a message with DKIM signature using Symfony Mailer component?

It seems that SwiftMailer is being replaced by new Symfony mailer component. The last comment by SwiftMailer maintainer: …. the namespaced version of Swiftmailer is now available… as Symfony Mailer. Before migrating to the new component, I would like to…