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How disable log "info" on middleware of Symfony Messenger?

How I can disable log of type INFO sent by SendMessageMiddleware of Symfony Messenger component? symfony/messenger/Middleware/SendMessageMiddleware.php: $this->logger->info(‘Received message {class}’, $context); Source: Symfony Questions

How to log from FormEventSubscriber in Symfony 5.0?

I’m new in Symfony, and I’m trying to build my application. But I can’t find in documentation how to use Logger in Event Subscriber for a form. I have monolog.yml: monolog: channels: [“my”] handlers: my_handler: type: stream path: “%kernel.project_dir%/log/%kernel.environment%.event.log” level:…

Find where is really my issue in Symfony error page [closed]

I need some help to understand where is really my issue in these logs : Symfony Support TransformationFailedException TransformationFailedException HTTP 500 Internal Server Error Unable to transform value for property path “transportKey”: Expected an array. Exceptions 2Logs 1Stack Traces 2…