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LiipImagineBundle REST API Filter

I build Symfony project who have normal twig templates and REST API using APIPlatform, and I use LiipImagineBundle for Image variation/filters. Entity have multiple fields, one of them is featuredImage. featuredImage”: { “path”: “01-5e9d9d132fbc9.jpeg”, “title”: null, “caption”: null, “alt_text”: null,…

Liip Imagine ProxyResolver – how to remove bucket prefix

app.imagine.cache.resolver.proxy: class: LiipImagineBundleImagineCacheResolverProxyResolver arguments: – “@app.imagine.cache.resolver.s3” – [ ‘%env(S3_CDN_URL)%’ ] tags: – { name: “liip_imagine.cache.resolver”, resolver: “proxy” } The problem is I’d like to use DigitalOcean spaces CDN and its CDN is per bucket, so there is no bucket prefix….

liipimaginebundle filterset works well with bin/console, but weirdly not work with imagine_filter in twig

Context: Symfony v5.0; LiipImagineBundle v2.3 I followed all instructions to install LiipImagineBundle, with default configuration : # app/config/config.yml liip_imagine: resolvers: default: web_path: ~ filter_sets: cache: ~ # the name of the “filter set” my_thumb: # adjust the image quality to…