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Could I load fixtures from different entity managers with LiipTestFixturesBundle

I have entities which are managed by two entity managers in Symfony 4 project and I would like to load fixtures from both connections for functional tests. For instance : class AdapterTest extends KernelTestCase { use FixturesTrait; … protected function…

Symfony: refresh test database for phpunit testing with autoincrements reset on fixtures added

I want to create a fresh in memory sqlite test database to run my test against every time I run bin/phpunit. The solutions I have found so far empty the test database, but when I add the fixtures, their ids…

Attempted to load class "BaseFixture" from namespace "AppDataFixtures". Did you forget a "use" statement for another namespace?

I am trying use the Command: php bin/console do:fixtures:load to add some dummy data in my Project. When i call the command however i get the following error. Fatal error: Uncaught SymfonyComponentDebugExceptionClassNotFoundException: Attempted to load class “BaseFixture” from namespace “AppDataFixtures”….