Problem to present tree with treant js into symfony, in case of tree structure is an array of object

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I want to create a tree with treant.js
the structure form is like this:

var tree_structure=[ {container: '#OrganiseChart8', levelSeparation: 70, siblingSeparation: 60, nodeAlign: 'BOTTOM', connectors:  {
                type: "step",
                style: {
                    "stroke-width": 2,
                    "stroke": "#ccc",
                    "stroke-dasharray": "--", 
 {innerHTML: '#first-post'},
 {parent: {innerHTML: '#first-post'}, innerHTML: '#1-reply'},
{parent: {innerHTML: '#first-post'}, innerHTML: '#2-reply'}
new Treant(tree_structure);

displaying this code gives me a single node, which is the result of ({innerHTML: ‘#first-post’})
in case when I make each code of node in a variable , everything is going well, like this:

var first= {innerHTML: '#first-post'},
child1 ={ parent: first,  innerHTML: '#1-reply'},
child2 ={ parent: first,  innerHTML: '#2-reply'};
var tree_structure=[first,child1,child2];
new Treant(tree_structure);

The result gives me a display of three nodes.
remarque: in my case, the tree dynamic (nodes processed via a database) and recursive, mince , I have much of node , the parent of child1_1 is child1

{parent:  {parent: {innerHTML: '#first-post'}, innerHTML: '#1-reply'}, innerHTML: '#1-reply-1'}

Thanks in advance.

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