Symfony/ Api platorm/JWT get the current user after login

Good morning to all
Please i need help. I am using JWT Authentication and all works well.But my problem is to retreive the current user after the login. I saw in the documentation that i can create a controller to do so, but after doing that i get the error of id parameter not given.
Here is my controller related to the user entity


// api/src/Controller/GetMeAction.php

namespace AppController;

use AppEntityUser;
use SymfonyComponentSecurityCoreSecurity;
use SymfonyComponentRoutingAnnotationRoute;

class GetMeAction
 * @param Security
private $_security;

public function __construct(Security $security) {
    $this->_security = $security;
 * @Route(
 *     name="get_me",
 *     path="get/me",
 *     methods={"GET"},
 *     defaults={
 *         "_api_resource_class"=User::class,
 *         "_api_item_operation_name"="get_me"
 *     }
 * )
public function __invoke(Request $request): User
  return $this->_security->getUser();

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