Compare Duplicates Lines on uploaded Excel

I’m making a Symfony 5 website where users can import Excel Files to create products.
All products are links to a catalogue on CatalogueProduit Table, where I store Product, Catalogue and details from the products.
On some Excel Files some products can appear multiple times. I want to avoid this.
So I’ve made the following request on CatalogueProduitRepository :

    public function checkifExist($catalogueId, $produitId): ?CatalogueProduit {
        return $this->createQueryBuilder("catalogueProduit")
            ->leftJoin('catalogueProduit.catalogue', 'catalogue')
            ->leftJoin('catalogueProduit.produit', 'produit')
            ->andWhere('catalogueProduit.catalogue = :catalogueId')
            ->andWhere('catalogueProduit.produit = :produitId')
            ->setParameter('catalogueId', $catalogueId)
            ->setParameter('produitId', $produitId)

When I check from a Catalogue Id and product if something il already stored it works gret it return Null or the result.
But On my model where I create the products, I made the following code :

    private function checkProduitCatalogue($doctrine, $produit, $catalogue){
        $checkProduitCatalogue = $doctrine
            ->checkifExist($catalogue->getId(), $produit->getId());
        return $checkProduitCatalogue;

    private function createCatalogueProduit($entityManager,$doctrine , $product, $catalogue):CatalogueProduit
            $checkProductCatalogue = $this->checkProduitCatalogue($doctrine, $catalogue, $product);
            if ($checkProductCatalogue == null){
                $catalogueProduit = new CatalogueProduit();
Do stuff to create the productCatalogue
                return $catalogueProduit;


And when i checked, I have some products duplicated. I don’t understand why it creates my products even with my check… Any idea about what’s wrong in my code ?

Thanks a lot

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