Adding authentication documentation to Swagger in NelmioApiDocBundle

I’m using Symfony (5) with NelmioApiDocBundle (4.0) and LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle to create an API with Swagger.
I’ve set up endpoints and authentication and everything is working as expected.
I have fully functional API with authentication, there is a documentation and I can successfully generate Open API spec.
There is one thing missing in specification: "Authentication endpoint" and I can`t find a way to add it to generated specification and documentation (except overwriting the whole authentication)

Because I’m using Symfony security layer and firewalls and it`s integrated with LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle there is no place to set Swagger annotations and it seems like bundle itself doesn’t handle generating a "security part"
Some time ago I worked with an ApiPlatform and over there it is done by a "decorator"

Anyone knows is there a way (annotations?) to generate security part of the documentation or do I have to create authentication guard from the scratch (?)

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