Pass parameters.yml value to Akeneo frontend

I’m migrating a bundle, that add a link button on the product page, from akeneo 2.3 to akeneo 3.2. With 2.3 we have a parameter defined on parameters.yml as


then in the form_extensions

    module: pim/product-edit-form/magento-link
    parent: pim-product-edit-form
    targetZone: buttons
    position: 90
    magentoBaseUrl: "%magento_base_url%" <-- MY CUSTOM ATTR
    type: frontend

then in js i will have

function (_,
          template) {
    return BaseForm.extend({
        template: _.template(template),
        render: function () {
            let linkPath,
                sku = this.getFormModel().get('identifier'),
                baseUrl = this.options.magentoBaseUrl; <-- THIS

where baseUrl contains

After upgrading to 3.2 the value on baseUrl is exactly %magento_base_url%

What i should do to pass this parameter to the js stack?

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