What is the best way to build a search engine on my Symfony app

Just a bit of context, I’m not a dev, I’m just an entrepreneur and I’m contracting freelancers to build my web app.

I have a running website (30k+ users) and it’s kind of a airbnb site type. I’m geolocating hosts and I’m allowing users to search the hosts the closest to their location + other criteria.

My goal is to add a bit more complexity such as reducing the weight of over solicited-hosts, reducing the weight of low-response-rate hosts, increase the weight of hosts with a good rating…

The website API is running on Symfony (front is angular)

Today the way the query is built is through a combination of sub queries (to isolate unavailable hosts), methods on entities to compute data on the fly.

Since we are planning to revamp the API codebase into Symfony API, I’m wondering of there is an open source tool we could use to easily manage this type of queries. Or if there are best practice to build such a search engine (I’m considering building indexes to kind of cache some data or even using something like elastic search even if I’m sure it’s an overkill)

I would definitely appreciate the help on this.

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