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I recently discovered Nicepage, a WYSIWYG from Google, enabling you to create easily beautiful webpage. It is nice and all, but it does not do any back-end obviously ( and I want to keep the upper-hand on that part any way ) and the generated code is a bit messy. As a developper, and not a web designer, it could be useful to me.

What I would like to know is wether any of you had any experience using a WYSIWYG editor to create the front-end and then use the generated front-end code, in a PHP Project for example. Will it be hell to use this nicepage code or am I gaining a huge amount of time not having to code the front ?

My project will be in PHP using Symfony.

I already have experience in building from scratch a web project and I often use Materialize or Bootstrap to help me with the front-end. Nicepage is really a step further it seems as there are already whole design but I am afraid to get stuck into a swamp.

Thanks for reading !
I am really looking for people who tried this approach successfully or not 🙂

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