Symfony : Mock LDAP in functional tests

I want to do functional tests on my Symfony (5.1) application, this application uses an Active Directory server as a "datas" database (creating , listing , updating datas). I’m using the Symfony ldap component. Code example below may contain typos.


class DatasController
     * @Route("/datas", name="datas")
     * @IsGranted("ROLE_USER")
     * @return Response
     * @desc Displays LDAP datas
    public function datasList(DatasRepository $datasRepository)
        $datas = $datasRepository->findAll();
        return $this->render('datas/list.html.twig', [
            'datas' => $datas,


class DatasRepository
    private Ldap $ldap;
    private EntryManagerInterface $manager;

     * DatasRepository constructor.
     * Service injected params
    public function __construct(Ldap $ldap, string $ldapAdminLogin, string $ldapAdminPwd)
        $this->ldap = $ldap->bind($ldapAdminLogin, $ldapAdminPwd);
        $this->manager = $ldap->getEntryManager();
    public function create(Data $data): void
        // ... some $data to SymfonyComponentLdapEntry $entry logic
        $this->manager->add( $entry );

     * @return datas[]
    public function findAll()
        $this->ldap->query('ou=test', '(&(objectclass=person))');
        $entries = $query->execute()->toArray();

        // ... some $entries to $datas logic

        return $datas;


class DatasControllerTest extends WebTestCase
    public function testDatasList()
        $client = static::createClient();
        $client->request('GET', '/datas');
        # Crash can't contact LDAP and thats logical

So, how to do functional test on "GET /datas" ?
What part of the code should i mock to maximize test efficiency and coverage ?

Some additional information :

  • I can’t have a dedicated LDAP server for tests (tests are run under
    Docker via gitlab-ci)
  • I’m aware of the "don’t mock what you don’t
  • I’ve read many posts/articles saying "you should mock the
    LdapAdapter" but i have no idea on how to achieve this and haven’t
    found any example.

Any suggestions is welcome.

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