Symfony 5.2 Error: The directory "var/cache/dev/jms_serializer" does not exist

Symfony 5.2 with jms/serializer-bundle 3.7.0.

After syfmony cache cleaning by command cache:clear on the next request I get an error:

The directory "var/cache/dev/jms_serializer" does not exist

I noticed that for symfony 4.4 $dir variable has var/cache/de_/jms_serializer value, but for symfony 5.2 has var/cache/dev/jms_serializer

So when symfony 5.2 runs warn up, JMSSerializerBundle creates jms_serializer folder in var/cache/dev instead of var/cache/de_

serializer config:

        format_output: '%kernel.debug%'
        id: 'jms_serializer.identical_property_naming_strategy'

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