knp paginator.yaml bootstrap issu

I don’t know why the bootstrap template on knp paginator doesn’t work on the yaml file :
Is there any update I missed ?

page_range: 5 # number of links showed in the pagination menu (e.g: you have 10 pages, a page_range of 3, on the 5th page you’ll see links to page 4, 5, 6)
page_name: page # page query parameter name
sort_field_name: sort # sort field query parameter name
sort_direction_name: direction # sort direction query parameter name
distinct: true # ensure distinct results, useful when ORM queries are using GROUP BY statements
filter_field_name: filterField # filter field query parameter name
filter_value_name: filterValue # filter value query parameter name
pagination: ‘@KnpPaginator/Pagination/twitter_bootstrap_v4_pagination.html.twig’ # sliding pagination controls template
sortable: ‘@KnpPaginator/Pagination/sortable_link.html.twig’ # sort link template
filtration: ‘@KnpPaginator/Pagination/filtration.html.twig’ # filters template

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