Symfony – Overloading an Entity set function with an id of another entity

Is it okay and feasible to overload a set function of an entity according to a field from another entity.

I have a field in table 1 (column E) which would consist of either column C or D (it’s messed up to have 2 fields with the same field but it would be in another time, I just try to make this works).
The field E would depends on another table (2).

Example: If in table 2, fields "crit1" ou "crit2" are "localisation",in table 1, the column "tri_id" (column F) would take value of column D otherwise the value of column E.

example of structure of these tables

=> adapte_gaucher means "left-handed adapted"

table example on Excel

I was doing this in my entity:

 * @param int $triId
public function setTriId(int $shopId, int $triId): void
    $entityManager = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();
    $products = $this->getDoctrine()
    if(Table1->crit1 != "localisation" || Table1->crit2 != "localisation" ) {
        $triId = $this->tri21 ;
}   else {
    $triId = $this->tri12 ;
    $this->triId = $triId;

Would this would be an okay solution? I am too new to know if that’s a good method or if I should never do that.
It’s my internship project (I am just a junior and just get a year of programming behind me and without any framework course).
Sorry for the "pathos" lines but it would really help me to succeed it.

Thanks anyway.

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