Performance (very slow) with windows 10 home, docker and wsl2

I have a windows 10 home and i’ve installed a symfony project with docker and wsl2. I’m not sure to understand all but I try 🙂
Before I used docker desktop and windows 10 pro and I had no problem.
Now with windows 10 home + docker, my pages load in 40-60sec it’s very slow.

What i do:

  • install docker desktop
  • install wsl2 and enable integration with "my
    default wsl distribo" in docker desktop option
  • git clone my symfony project in my C://… (windows)
  • and compose up -d from windows (to
    install my containers)

What i’ve understood :

My project load very slow because my code is in windows. Is it true?

If yes, what I must to do exactly ? How access to the wsl, move the code (or new git clone ?) or I must create a shared directory between the wsl and windows to put my code (if it’s possible) ?

Which solution is the best? Thanks

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