Keycloak- passed parameter to meet password policy requirements

I have defined get Keycloak method on my Symfony project.

I am getting excepted results in the matter of array where I am extracting the list of password policies. Currently it’s set just ‘not username’ rule:

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I could not find any other endpoint within keycloak in a documentation where I can pass my password string as parameter and see if it’s meeting the requirements defined in password policies.

I will provide GET function which is returning the thing I just described. I think it will do the work if it could be modified to provide password string.

public function validateKeycloakPassword()
    $options = [
        'headers' => $this->getAuthJsonHeaders()


    try {
        $endpoint = sprintf('auth/admin/realms/%s/', $this->realm);
        return $this->request('GET', $endpoint, $options);
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        $this->exception('Can`t get password policy information on Keycloak. ' . $e->getMessage());

and in my controller, endpoint:

 * @Route("/check", name="check")
public function validatePassword()

    $violations = $this->service->validateKeycloakPassword();
    return $violations['passwordPolicy'];

To summerize:

Is there any endpoint in keycloak where I can pass my password variable and check if it meets requirements defined in password policies Probably with PUT method.

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