Symfony 4 – User is null on callback route from external service

On Symfony 4, when catching a callback route from any 3rd party service (in this case – Shopify API), my logged in user becomes anon. so I cannot update it.

  • (HTTP): It works when testing on localhost
  • (HTTPS): However, my logged in User becomes null / Anonymous when testing on my remote server (prod).

How do I fetch my logged in user after catching a callback route from any external service? I think it could be a problem with either HTTP vs HTTPS or some Symfony settings.

On Shopify API dashboard – Allowed redirection URL(s):


Symfony Controller Route (for Shopify callback):

* @Route("/shopify/callback", name="shopify_callback")
public function shopify_auth_callback(Request $request)

Callback Result (localhost):

AppEntityUser {#977 ▼
   -id: 103
   -email: "[email protected]"

Callback Result (remote):


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