Symfony : how to launch Mercury elsewhere than locally?

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in my Symfony project I am using Mercury.

Currently, locally, to launch Mercury, I use the following command:

./mercure/mercure --jwt-key='mySecretKey' --addr='localhost:3000' --allow-anonymous --cors-allowed-origins='*'

So, I’m using the port 3000 of my localhost : localhost:3000.

But how am I supposed to do it once in production?

To test elsewhere than locally, I used ngrok, which allows me to have an address to use my application elsewhere than locally:


But for the mercure service ? http://[ngrokID] ?
So : ./mercure/mercure --jwt-key='mySecretKey' --addr='[ngrokID]' --allow-anonymous --cors-allowed-origins='*'

If I test like this, I’ve this error :

enter image description here

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