Persisting doctrine results with different values

I have some complex thing that I want to accomplish with one method.

In my Symfony project I am checking if the current datetime field is X days into the past.
I am persisting boolean field to true on every table row where it is. So createdDate is less-than X days.

This part works as it should.

What I am trying to do is to the method goes both ways.

I want it also that if createdDate is greater-than X days. Also, to persist boolean field to false on every table row where it is.

My code:

    $date = new DateTime();
    $date->modify('-7 days');

    $users = $this->userRepo->createQueryBuilder('u')
        ->where('u.createdDate < :date')
        ->setParameter(':date', $date)

    foreach ($users as $user) {


    return $users;

Is there any possible way to do it and not in a separate method?


if() {

  ->andWhere('u.createdDate > :date')


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