Query to order on different tables doesn’t work

I have some entities/tables:

-Editor who can be premium and who create Contents
-Star (gold contents)like that: Star(IdContent, IdCategoryContent, IdEditor), because there can be only one star for each category for each editor.

I want a query to get every Contents but ordered to shows only one content from each editor at first (star content of premium plan editors) and then every other contents.

What I tried, thanks for any help :

$query = $this->getEntityManager()->createQueryBuilder()
    ->from('ContentBundle:Content', 'c')
    ->leftJoin('c.user', 'user')
    ->leftJoin('user.editoreditor', 'editor')
        'c.idcontent = star.idContent'
    ->orderBy('editor.plan', 'DESC')
    ->addOrderBy('star.idContent', 'DESC')
    ->addOrderBy('c.creationDate', 'DESC');

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