Symphony dynamic database credentials

Is it possible to make a input to set database user/password in symphony at stratup of the application (like phpmyadmin) ?

I want that my application do like this :

  • Welcome page (only html, no database connecion with just input for db username/password (like phpmyadmin))
  • User set username/password on inputs and click ok button => the values can be set into Request/post or Session in the controller by exemple
  • Symfony connect database to all application and redirect user to ‘app_index’ route

Is it possible to do it with Symphony 5 ?

Here my controller action:

public function database_login(Request $request, Connection $connection): Response
    if ($request->isMethod('POST') && $request->request->has('dbpass')) {
      $dbpass = $request->request->get('dbpass');
      $params = $connection->getParams();
      $params['password'] = $dbpass;

      $connection->__construct($params, $connection->getDriver(), $connection->getConfiguration(), $connection->getEventManager());
      return $this->redirectToRoute('app_index');
    return new Response(
      '<form method="post">
        <input type="password" name="dbpass">
        <button type="submit">OK</button>

The new connection work’s fine but it lost after redirecToRoute() function.

Can you help me ?


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