Symfony app suddenly down because of /var/cache/prod/pools/ folder permission issue

My Dockerized Symfony4 app was up since 2 months, suddenly it stopped working this morning, with no hints in log

I’ve tried to rebuild the container and got this message :

chmod: cannot access 'var/cache/prod/pools/vxeRd2PSFn/5fbf647725b467.33862000': No such file or directory

So I’ve entered the container and ran this :

[email protected]:/app# chmod -R 777 var/cache/

Then the app worked fine !

I don’t get it : what was the problem ? a permission issue of the var/cache folder ? how is this possible ? how can I prevent this ?

PS : sometimes I have a similar problem with var/prod/sessions folder : the build process can’t overwrite the folder, when I list files I can see two owners : www-data and root ! I don’t understand why do I have files with different owners in the same folder !

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