EasyAdmin (v2): filter list view by the property of a related entity

I am willing to implement exactly the kind of list filtering that is described in EasyAdmin (v.2) documentation on Symfony (Custom dynamic filters), i.e. filtering the list view of an entity by the property of a related entity (e.g. list orders by customers of a given country).

With only the following code blocks available in the doc I am quite lost on how to create a custom EntityTypeFilter with the usual two select lists (is same/is not same list & list of available Country for Order via the Customer association). What should be in the configureOptions() and getParent() functions?

Thanks !

# config/packages/easy_admin.yaml
            class: AppEntityOrder
                    # 'country' doesn't exist as a property of 'Order' so it's
                    # defined as 'not mapped' to avoid errors
                    - property: 'country'
                      type: 'AppFormFilterCustomerCountryFilterType'
                      mapped: false
// AppFormFilterCustomerCountryFilterType
// ...

public function filter(QueryBuilder $queryBuilder, FormInterface $form, array $metadata)
    if (null !== $form->getData()) {
            ->leftJoin('entity.customer', 'customer')
            ->andWhere('customer.country = :country')
            ->setParameter('country', $form->getData());

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