Ajax request 500 error – Call to a member fucntion on null

I have my Ajax. method within Symfony which sends id of the clicked button in specific table row.

My error log returns:

Call to a member function changeStatus() on null

This is strange, because when I dump($id) in my Controller, it’s shows the id of that entity object, so I can not figure out where the problem is.

This is my method:

  * @Route("/my-entity-route/{id}", name="change_status", options={"expose"=true})
    public function changeStatus($id)
       // dump($id);die; -- shows id number

        $entity = $this->entityManager->getRepository(MyEntity::class)->find($id);


And my button:

<button type="button" data-entity_id="{{ item.id }}" class="change">Switch Status</button>

And method in js file:

$(".change").click(function(ev, el){
var id = $(this).data("entity_id");
if (confirm("Are you sure that you want change status?")) {

function changeToNewStatus(id) {
        type: 'PATCH',
        url: "/my-entity-route/"+id,
        processData: false,
        contentType: 'application/json-patch+json',
        success: function () {
        error: function (xhr) {
            var err = JSON.parse(xhr.responseText);

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