Node and Webpack, initialize plugins classes with require instruction

I work with Symfony and webpack. From a javascript script, I want to manage a plugin system :

A plugin is a file containing a class and located in a specific directory "plugins". And from the main javascript script, I want to "load" all plugins ( = initialize all plugins classes) availables.

I tried the simple code :

    // In the directory 'plugins', I have by example 3 plugins files :
    // 'a.js'
    // 'b.js'
    // and 'c.js'

    // The content of each plugin is the same : 

    export class a{
        constructor(param1) {
        // ...

and in the main.js script :

    // ...
    // plugins is an array of string, each string is the file name of a plugin (a.js, b.js, c.js)
    main = this;
    main.instancesOfPlugin = [];
    plugins.forEach(function (value, index) {
        try {
            main.instancesOfPlugin[index] = new (require('./plugins/' + value))('paramfoo1');
        } catch (e) {
            if (e.code !== 'MODULE_NOT_FOUND') {
                throw e;
    // ...

But I get an error on my browser and I don’t understand why…

enter image description here

(HTMLListener refer to the main script, and the line 30 corresponds to the line main.instanceOfPlugin[index] = new (require('./plugins/' + value))('paramfoo1');)

I tried several things, but I still stuck.. thanks for any help !

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