Create custom table in specific PostgreSQL schema in Doctrine Symfony

I want to create a new table in the custom schema in my PostgreSQL database. My function for creating a new table looks like this:

    $platform = new PostgreSQL100Platform(); // DoctrineDBALPlatformsPostgreSQL100Platform

    $schemaConfig = new SchemaConfig(); // DoctrineDBALSchemaSchemaConfig

    $table = new Table('t_customTableName'); // DoctrineDBALSchemaTable
    $table->addColumn('columnOne', 'string'); 

    $schema = new Schema([$table], [], $schemaConfig); // DoctrineDBALSchemaSchema
    $sqls = $schema->toSql($postgre);

    foreach ($sqls as $sql) {

Variable $sqls will generate correct SQL, but only for default, public schema. It looks like generated SQL ignored schema configurations.

Current generated SQL:

"CREATE TABLE t_customTableName (columnOne VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL)"

Wanted generated SQL:

"CREATE TABLE customSchemaName.t_customTableName (columnOne VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL)"

I am using Symfony 5.1, Doctrine ORM 2.7 and DBAL 2.12

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