Symfony multiple ChoiceType to filter invalid options

I have a multiple selection:

        ->add('availability', ChoiceType::class, [
            'label'       => 'Months of availability',
            'choices'     => [
                'November 2020' => '2011',
                'December 2020' => '2012',
                'January 2021'  => '2101'
            'multiple'    => true               

If I submit [‘2010‘,’2011′,’2012′,’2101’], thus including a month that cannot be found under ‘choices’, Symfony discards the full incoming array, and $form->get(‘availability’)->getData() is null. In my case, when editing an existing record, I would like to be able to send previous selected months of availability as well, and that Symfony would simply exclude/filter out the non-matching choices (but to keep the valid choices). Is that possible?

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