API Platform – Vuetify: @api-platform/client-generator issue

I’ve started to learn API Platform. I’ve installed successfully API Platform, database and Symfony. Now I try to install Vuetify without Docker by following this tutorial (https://api-platform.com/docs/client-generator/vuetify/#generating-the-vuejs-web-app). Everything works well, except this command (of course, I’ve replaced URL):

npx @api-platform/client-generator -g vuetify https://demo.api-platform.com src/ 

I’ve this error: "error: Error: only absolute urls are supported".

I’ve tried to put a "console.log" inside source code (in file "node-fetch/index.js") and I’ve noticed that URL seems to be wrong (in "Fetch" function).

I develop on Windows 10. What’s wrong?

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