How to integrate two symfony applications [closed]

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I have two smyfony applications (Sulu CMS and Sylius eCommerce). I would like to integrate the two applications however, they use different versions of Symfony/ Different authorization etc. I would assume that I would need to make use of the rest API’s to try and "sync" the two systems. My theory is (and please correct me if this is wrong) that I would need a subdomain for the Sylius application and an for the Sulu part. I would have to disable the sylius shop and use everything that Sulu creates from it’s CMS and then use the Sylius rest API for it’s shop/products. My question is, how would authentication work as they use different firewalls and different User Entities?

My guess is that once a user logs into the sulu side, I can run an async request to also log them into the Sylius shop as well. This would mean that registering a user in Sulu would also have to register a user in Sylius which would mean that I would need multiple asyc requests running for each thing I do (like updating the user profile for example) on the Sulu side.

I have read this on adding an existing Symfony application into Sulu however unless I am misunderstanding something here, this would require me to copy every single file from the Sylius application over to the sulu one which wouldn’t work as I would end up replacing files in the Sulu application and there would be dependency issues among others so I am completely stuck.

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