VueJs and Symfony Webapp construction

Hello Programming Guys,

At the start I have to say sorry for my bad english.
My plan is to create a web application with vue(for frontend) and symfony(for backend/api to load data).
My final idea was, that the wabapp is progressive and offline available. How I have to structure the webapp that it make sense and is easy to manage.
Here are some of my ideas:
Idea 1:
-1 Server for Vue, with only frontend stuff (Nginx).
-1 Server for Symfony, with only the api and symfony stuff (Apache2 or Nginx).
Idea 2:
-1 Server for both, Symfony and Vue with the Symfony extension encore to load the data from the api and the frontend media

What is the best solution for my project, or there are better solutions that I can use?
I hope anyone can help me and answer my question.
Thank you for advance.

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