Symfony 5 : display of Assert messages

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I have an entity with @Assert on 2 variables :

 * @ORMColumn(type="date")
 * @AssertGreaterThan("today", message ="La dade de début ne devrait pas être antérieure à la date du jour ", class="alert")
private $dateStart;

 * @ORMColumn(type="date")
 * @AssertExpression(
 *     "this.getDateStart() < this.getDateEnd()",
 *     message="La date de fin ne doit pas être antérieure à la date de début"
 * )
private $dateEnd;

The display is not really good looking and I would like to improve it by adding a CSS class. Is it possible to do that with Symfony 5? How?
Thanks for your help !

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