Symfony 4.2 in Laravel Homestead: An error occurred while loading the web debug toolbar

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I need to modify a Symfony 4.2.8 application. To achieve this, I downloaded the project folder to my local development environment in Laravel homestead.

After lots of struggle to make the application work (database migration and population, env, composer install, etc.) now I face new trouble I can’t find in any other forums.

When finally achieving this app to run, I see below the following error:

An error occurred while loading the web debug toolbar.

I already have tried

$ composer require symfony/apache-pack

But it doesn’t help. The error is still there. Actually, Laravel Homestead user Nginx.

My Homestead.yaml looks like:

- map: SymfonyApp.local
  to: /home/vagrant/SymfonyApp4.2.8/public
  type: symfony4

What can I do to fix it? Any ideas?

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