What have i do with Fatal error: PHP Startup: Failed opening required ‘//app/config/bootstrap.php’ (include_path=’.:/:/usr/local/php74/lib/pear’)

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At the beginning I a want to say i’m a trainee in servers/php topic and i doing now my experience in it. My chief give me a mission to make every think to launch again page.

Page shows this:

Warning: PHP Startup: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /1oferty4u/index.php on line 7

Fatal error: PHP Startup: Failed opening required ‘//app/config/bootstrap.php’ (include_path=’.:/:/usr/local/php74/lib/pear’) in /1oferty4u/index.php on line 7

here is code of this file:


use AppKernel;
use SymfonyComponentDebugDebug;
use SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationRequest;

require dirname(__DIR__).'/app/config/bootstrap.php';

if ($_SERVER['APP_DEBUG']) {


if ($trustedProxies = $_SERVER['TRUSTED_PROXIES'] ?? $_ENV['TRUSTED_PROXIES'] ?? false) {
    Request::setTrustedProxies(explode(',', $trustedProxies), Request::HEADER_X_FORWARDED_ALL ^ Request::HEADER_X_FORWARDED_HOST);

if ($trustedHosts = $_SERVER['TRUSTED_HOSTS'] ?? $_ENV['TRUSTED_HOSTS'] ?? false) {

$kernel = new Kernel($_SERVER['APP_ENV'], (bool) $_SERVER['APP_DEBUG']);
$request = Request::createFromGlobals();
$response = $kernel->handle($request);
$kernel->terminate($request, $response);

index.php have permission to read/write to bootstrap.php

I read a couple of topic here about it but im think im too "stupid" to do it properly.
I found hits to update composer but it show me this:
enter image description here

When i try update it with –no-plugins & –no-scripts show same think like above.
I found hit to repair problem with update composer i have to remove symfony in vendor folder and update symfony flex but on server flex is in symfony folder.

On the server is PHP in 7.4.6 version.

What have i do ?

Please explain me this like I never know anythink.

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