How to get status text by HTTP status code in laravel

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When I working with REST API with Laravel, I usually return a response that contains a message. Some of those response has custom message, and I want to set the other responses that has no custom message with a message provided by SymfonyHttpFoundation based on the response status code.

For example, I send a response that has 401 status code, the message should be "Unauthorized", and here is my usual code to do this:

return response()->json([
    'message' => 'Unauthorized',
    'data'    => $data

I am just wondering if there’s a method that I can call to set the message by the HTTP status code. Maybe just like $message = SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationResponse::getStatusText(401). By doing this, I don’t have to retype the message manually and can dynamically set the response message field.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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