My virtual field is not showing with API Platform on Symfony 4

I would like to add a custom field in my entity normalization for API Platform but it won’t show up..

Desired behaviour: when json is returned, there would be a new field called ServerDomain

I red that I just had to add a simple getter with a groups annotation, but it won’t work.

My APIResource decoration of my entity:

 * @ApiResource(
 *   normalizationContext={"groups"={"read"}},
 *   denormalizationContext={"groups"={"write"}},
 *   itemOperations={
 *     "get", "put", "delete", "patch"
 *   }
 * )
 * @ORMEntity(repositoryClass=ServerRepository::class)

My custom getter:

     * @Groups({"read"})
    public function getServerDomain(): ?string
        return $this->getServerSubDomain() . "";

I only have one entity for now.
I have a use for Groups Annotations and it works fine for the ORM properties.

I’m using php 7.4.10 and Symfony 4.2

Thanks for your answers !

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