Possible to find missing translations in Symfony by comparing YML files?

I am working on a Symfony 3.4 based project which is localized in several languages. Is there an easy way to detect texts which have been translated in language A but are missing in languages B, C, etc.?

I know that Symfony has build in debug commands to find missing translation. However, this is not what I am looking for. This commands only looks for translations in templates but cannot find translations in controllers, etc.

Is there an easy way to compare the YML language files to see which translations might be missing?


When working on a new feature the new strings/texts are often added for one language at first. Once the feature implementation is complete the translations to all other languages are added.

I am looking for a tool/command which tells me, that app.en.yml contains new strings some.new.string and another.new.string which are missing in app.fr.yml and app.it.yml.

Of course I could simply write a script to parse a given yml file a compare the content to another. However, re-inventing the wheel would not be necessary if there is already a good solution for this. Are there tools which can deliver this result?

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