Symfony4 does not find user according to remember me cookie

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I have configured symfony 4 to set a remember me cookie when the users checks a checkbox. This works as it should. But when I restart the Browser and return to the Website the website deletes the cookie. The symfony log looks like this:

[Application] Oct 21 14:14:12 |DEBUG  | SECURI Remember-me cookie detected. 
[Application] Oct 21 14:14:12 |INFO   | SECURI User for remember-me cookie not found. 
[Application] Oct 21 14:14:12 |DEBUG  | DOCTRI SELECT AS id_1, AS email_2, t0.roles AS roles_3, t0.password AS password_4, t0.is_verified AS is_verified_5, t0.pending_surfpoints AS pending_surfpoints_6, t0.surfpoints_total AS surfpoints_total_7, t0.balance AS balance_8, t0.username AS username_9, t0.ref_earning AS ref_earning_10, t0.ref_id AS ref_id_11 FROM user t0 WHERE = ? LIMIT 1 0="myUsername"
[Application] Oct 21 14:14:12 |DEBUG  | SECURI Clearing remember-me cookie. name="REMEMBERME"

I configured the User login to work with an email and a username (my changes are mentioned below). I think now the problem is, that the remember me cookie is searching for the username in the username section of my database.

I changed the getUser function in the UserAuthentificatorAuthenticator.php to look for an email, and if that fails for the username:

public function getUser($credentials, UserProviderInterface $userProvider)
        $token = new CsrfToken('authenticate', $credentials['csrf_token']);
        if (!$this->csrfTokenManager->isTokenValid($token)) {
            throw new InvalidCsrfTokenException();

        $user = $this->entityManager->getRepository(User::class)->findOneBy(['email' => $credentials['email']]);

        if (!$user) {
            //Email could not be found - try username
            $user = $this->entityManager->getRepository(User::class)->findOneBy(['username' => $credentials['email']]);
            if (!$user){
                // fail authentication with a custom error
                throw new CustomUserMessageAuthenticationException('Email/Username konnten nicht gefunden werden.');

        if (!$user->isVerified()){
            throw new CustomUserMessageAuthenticationException('Der Account wurde noch nicht aktiviert.');


        return $user;

Where can I now adapt the cookie authentificator to make it work?

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