Legacy code to something else – Strangler pattern [closed]

I want some help with making a decision for the future.


Im working daily with a big PHP monolith (zend 1).
The code is very bad (no tests, tight coupling, god classes and so on…).
The monolith is created around 2011 and with roughly 5 developers over the years…

We are maintaining and building new features. For example: we will have to upgrade the look and feel in near future which means a big rewrite of the css, html and zend forms. We will also need to upgrade the MySQL version.

Migrate away from legacy code

Because the code is so bad and the framework used is old. I would want to start over. I have been reading about the strangler pattern and that approach sounds promising.

The problem is that all examples is about migrating from monolith to microservices. Im not sure that microservices would be a good fit for us because the difficulties that comes with it. Right now we are roughly 2-3 developers.

My vision is to do new code around the legacy system, preferably a new monolith with Symfony and Vue. But I can not figure out how to do it in practice.

How to proceed?

How to proceed with new code but keep the legacy code until it has been replaced?

Note: We have composer and recently we upgraded to PHP 7.2

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