Deserializing an object in symfony return an exception

i follow the Serializer component documentation, to turn specific json into object
I make this call to receive a list of objects.

$response = $httpClient->request('GET', '');

So I have an list of Article Objects.

"header": {
"error": 0,
"message": "ok",
"next": 2
"results": [
"id": 17007,
"title": "test article title 1"
"id": 17008,
"title": "sample article 2"

I would like to deserialize the results part… The problem is that the Symfony Serializer gives me one null object

$encoders = [new XmlEncoder(), new JsonEncoder()];
$normalizers = [new ObjectNormalizer()];
$serializer = new Serializer($normalizers, $encoders);
$articles = $serializer->deserialize($response->getContent(), Article::class, 'json');

what is the probleme please ?

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