Double requests causing double inserts

  axios, php, single-page-application, symfony

We have a SPA app with big traffic and sometimes occasionally double rows are inserted in several parts of application.

For example user registration. Normally the validation mechanism will do the trick checking if email address already exists, however I was able to reproduce the problem by dispatching the same request twice using axios resulting doubled user in the database.

I initially thought that the second request should throw validation error but apparently it’s too quick and checks user before the first request was able to store it.

So I put 500ms delay between those requests and yes it worked, the second request thrown a validation error.

My question is, what are the techniques to prevent double inserts IF TWO REQUESTS ARE ALREADY DISPATCHED IN THE SAME FRACTION OF A SECOND?

Of course we have blocked submit form button (since the beginning) after making first request, yet people somehow manages to dispatch requests twice.

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