Some issue With PHP SpreadhSheet and Chart Sheet

  excel, php, phpspreadsheet, spreadsheet, symfony

Software version used

  • PHP 7.3.12
  • Symfony 4.4
  • PHP Spreadsheet 1.14 -> 1.15 (updated but no changes)

Hi erverybody !
I have some issues with using PHP SpreadSheet
I have an excel template with two sheet. One with somme data and the other one with a graph
I just want to open the Excel document, fill the data and then downloading it with chart updated

When I use Xls extension, even if I just read, load and write the excel file without add nothing, the chart worksheet disapears.
Even with some options added it doesn’t work


If i use Xlsx extension, a fatal error occurs with this message

Undefined index: rId2 (500 Internal Server Error) 

With somme google research i noticed a lot of github issues and/or forum post but never found a solution
Maybe you can help me with this issue ?

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