Symfony 5.1 make:migration error "could not find driver"

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I’m learning Symfony, and i have this problem :
When i try to make a php bin/console make:migration
i have this return :

  An exception occurred in driver: could not find driver  

In Exception.php line 18:

  could not find driver  

In PDOConnection.php line 37:

  could not find driver  

I’m using internal server with server:run
I’m using PHP 7.4.11 and

php -v give me the good version php 7.4.11

My file doctrine.yaml have :

    # configure these for your database server
        driver: 'pdo_mysql'
        server_version: '5.7'
        charset: utf8mb4
            charset: utf8mb4
            collate: utf8mb4_unicode_ci
        url: '%env(resolve:DATABASE_URL)%'

and my .env have :

# IMPORTANT: You MUST configure your server version, either here or in config/packages/doctrine.yaml

My EXTENSIONS=pdo_mysql is active…

I find a lot of old topics but no one helps me for my problem..

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