doctrine odm – how to generate a find query

I have a symfony 5 project, with mongodb as db and doctrine odm.

Everything looks and works fine, except that fact that on a huge collection every query takes ages. Indexes look fine.

After investigating this I noticed that using a query like the one below takes about 0.5 seconds (and that is ok considering data size and our needs):

db.getCollection('Logs').find({clientId: 1234567}).sort({'_id': 1});

Then I checked how doctrine generates the query, and it generates it like this, which is basically the same thing from an end result point of view:


The problem is that second variant takes about 115 seconds to execute.

Why is the second option so much slower (I’m guessing it doesn’t use indexes or something)?
Also… can I somehow "instruct" doctrine to use find instead of runCommand (project is built over and removing doctrine would require to give up on that and we kind of love it, so unless is absolutely necessary I would prefer to keep it)?

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