Will I be able to put links to images in img tags without extension?

  imagick, symfony

I have an application in Symfony 4.4 in which you upload several images and then they are displayed in html using the img tag.

The images are consumed directly from the public directory.
If I use imagick to reduce the quality of the images when they are uploaded and I save them with a suffix according to that quality, example:

|                            Link                             | Quality |
| https://example.org/uploads/images/img_5f5282ac7fcbc.jpeg    | 100%    |
| https://example.org/uploads/images/img_5f5282ac7fcbc.jpeg_80 | 80%     |
| https://example.org/uploads/images/img_5f5282ac7fcbc.jpeg_60 | 60%     |

Image tag:
<img src="https://example.org/uploads/images/img_5f5282ac7fcbc.jpeg_60" />

Will it be a problem that the images do not have an extension when downloading them?

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