Doctrine behaviors error: Expected to find class in file

Since I updated my packages with composer (Doctrine/Migrations => v3.0.1, knplabs/doctrine-behaviors => v2.0.7) when I am trying to do php bin/console make:migration on my Linux/UNIX aws server I still have this error:

Expected to find class "KnpDoctrineBehaviorsEventSubscriberBlameableSubscriber" in file "/var/app/ondeck/vendor/knplabs/doctrine-behaviors/src/EventSubscriber/BlameableSubscriber.php" while importing services from resource "/var/app/ondeck/vendor/knplabs/doctrine-behaviors/config/../src", but it was not found! Check the namespace prefix used with the resource.

It’s a Symfony 4 project.

I do not really know what to do.
If you have some ideas I will be very grateful.

Have a nice day.

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