how to download pdf file from public folder in symfony

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I’m using dompdf to generate invoices from html template, every work perfectly and the invoices are saved in the database with absolute filepath and filename, when I access to public/invoices I found all my pdf file there, I want to make a link button to download or open in the browser the file.

I create a link that take the absolute file like that :

{% for invoice in invoices %}
  <td> {{ }} </td>
  <td>{{ invoice.fileName }}</td>
  <td>{{ }}</td>
  <td>{{ }}</td>
  <td>{{ | date('d-m-Y') }}</td>
  <td><a href="" class="btn btn-sm btn-outline-danger">Archiver</a></td>
  <td><a href="{{ asset('invoices/' ~ invoice.filePath) }}) }}" style="color: #DDDDDD" class="btn btn-sm btn-dark"><i style="padding-right: 10px" class="fa fa-download"></i>Télecharger</a>
{% endfor %}

I got this error :

No route found for "GET
(from "")

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