Global & user specific environment variables are not accessible through web request

We trying to setup symfony project and drive the config from system environment variables.

We are using Ubuntu 18 with zsh, php-fpm7.4 and nginx.

While trying a bunch of things, I setup the variables in both places .zshrc and /etc/environment.


export DB_USER='<user>'
export DB_PASS='<pass>'
export DB_URL='<url>'

Same in /etc/environment, but without the export

Through the CLI the variables are accessible. However, on web request nothing is there.
So, I found at some point that nginx strips them out unless you define otherwise.

Added the following into nginx.conf:

env DB_USER;
env DB_PASS;
env DB_URL;

Same result.

How do I make sure that environment variables available in CLI and web request?

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