Symfony 5, problem with doctrine for migration to database mariadb

I have a proble with symfony 5, the command php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate.

When I execute the command: php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

I have an error:

In MetadataStorageError.php line 13:
The metadata storage is not up to date, please run the sync-metadata-storage command to fix this issue.

and I modify my .env.local in specify the server version with mariadb:
DATABASE_URL=mysql://db_user:……[email protected]:3306/bundletest?serverVersion=mariadb-10.5

and when I execute: php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

I have an other error:

In DBALException.php line 86:

Invalid platform version "mariadb-10.5" specified. The platform version has to be specified in the format: "^(?:5.5.5-)?(mariadb-)?<major_version>.<minor_version>.<patch_version>".

Please help me…

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