PHPUnit test coverage API with mock

I, I would like to cover a method that get an authentication form an API.

Here is my class:

class MyService
    private $api_token;
    private $uri_api;

    public function __construct(string $api_token, string $uri_api){
        $this->api_token = $api_token;
        $this->uri_api = $uri_api;
    public function api_authentication(){
        $client = HttpClient::create();
        return $client->request('GET', $this->getUri_api().'salespoints/', [
            'auth_bearer' => $this->getApi_token()

And here is my test class:

class MyServiceTest extends WebTestCase
    public function test_api_authentication(){
        $client = new HttpClient();

        $stub = $this->getMockBuilder(myService::class)
        $this->assertSame($client, $stub->api_authentication());

I am using the doc of PHPUnit here (example 8.4).

The problem is that my test pass when I run phpunit but sonarQube tell me that it is not test coverage. I am new using phpunit so if you have any suggestions.

Thank you for your help!

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